What costs have I to be prepared for?

The fees for medical treetment are around 12% of those, that you would have to pay for the same service in western Europe. Additionally there are fees for travel to Ukraine and a medical insurance that is needed to go to Ukraine by Ukrainian law.

To avoid communication problems you will probably need
 personal  translation  service  that is usually required to be payed

The fees for flight to Ukraine usually depend on individual pricing of airlines. Realistic prices for flights to Ukraine and back are about 500 EURO minimum.


At present we are in talk with companies that provide booking  flights  -  service  for  low  price  employing only reliable airlines in their offer to customers


Public transport is very cheap in Ukraine. The price for to go by bus taxi from Kiev airport to Kremencuck, whrere there is the location of our partner doctor's office is about 10 EURO at present. These bus taxies are very comfortable. The service is excellent. Thease little busses offer such features like video s.o. to let you have a comfort able trip to Kremencuck. The time these busses are taking for the trip is about four hours.

Besides you may go to Kremenchuk by taxi. The costs will be around EUR 100,--.

If you would like, we are able to offer you service about booking the flight, the trip to Kremencuck and a sutable hotel for the days you need to stay in Ukraine.

For citizens of most European Union countries a visa is not required to go to Ukraine.

For closer information please contact the consular service of Ukraine in in your country.

Usually you are allowed to stay in Ukraine for 90 days without visa or registration. Compared with western Europe states the costs for hotel are cheap. You need to calculate a payment between 10 and 30 Euro for one night to stay in a hotel that provides good service.

If you would like to have information in detail or need any offer, please contact us. Please have a look on our page about comparison of price calculation.