Report of a Patient

I was staying at my girlfriend in Ukraine for more than 6 weeks. There I was faced with murderous pain coming from a bad tooth. First I had a lot of doubts about quality of treetment when my girlfriend was suggesting to visit a dentist in Kremenchuck, a city that was 40 km away from the town where we were living together and where she was doing her work. As the pain was going to be worse I agreed to her suggestion.

First there was necessary an examination with X-ray. My girlfriend told me that it was recommended to do examination the dentist would not do anything. The costs for this examination were about 3 EURO.

As I am experienced in X-ray equipment professionally I took a closer look on the system. It was an equipment manufactured in Italy. I was surprised about the quality of the X-ray - film and the perfect exposure, especially for such a price!

The dentist, we were visiting, was one of 2 dentists who had a little clinic. He had some equipment that was not bad.

I recognized that he was doing his tasks carefully. I was not used to such carefully way of working from german dentists. For example he was asking me about incompatibility about different narcotica short after my arrival and showing the X-ray films to him. My girlfriend was translating everything to me. The same question he asked me about antibiotics that he would only use even they would be really necessary. For me peroxide desinfection treetment was absolutely sufficient.

Sure, in Germany they would have used antibiotics or equal pharmaka that are expensive and not compatible to everybody.

The care this dentist was taking was really excellent all time of treetment.

I could give a much more detailled report that would show a really positive image od everything. There was a final examination, that he said about it would be standard.

About the price of this treetment must be said that it was about 28 EURO. The tooth was sealed and a silver shaft was placed inside. For sealing the dentist used photopolymer material and equalized the colour with the other teeth.

... And the most important is that this awful pain was away and did not reappear. Important to say is that the nerve of this tooth was not removed. Meanwhile some months have passed.

Finally to say that this clinic is providing warrenty on its service.